captainsblog (captainsblog) wrote in metaquotes,

Is it a Metaquote if nobody actually says anything?

Well, there's an actual spoken word (two, if you count the "wtf" at the end), but that's almost beside the point. From the eloquent believeitup, who manages to paint a perfect picture of a moment at work, almost without repeating a single spoken word in describing the N(ew) G(irl)'s crush on the supervisor, Joe:

New girl: *needs help*
Me: *stops dialing to watch* [note: I do this all the time. It's more fun to watch people get help than to dial.]
NG: *watches Joe walk around*
Me: *watches her watch*
Joe: *is oblivious*
NG: *waves hand ineffectively at Joe's back*
Me: *smirks*
Joe: *starts to turn around*
NG: :D *lowers her hand*
Joe: *turns away again*
Me: *cracks up*
NG: :/ *more waving*
Me: *sighs*
Joe: *heads for his desk*
Me: Joe!
Joe: *turns around and sees me, sitting where NG cannot see me, pointing to her back**winks*
Me: WTF?

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