Captain Oblivious (maggiebloome) wrote in metaquotes,
Captain Oblivious

The Capital Mary Sue Of Capital DOOM.

An entry in marysues showed an astonishing NaNoWriMo story that (apart from hosting the most horrific Mary Sue in history) appeared to have every word capitalised. And no, it wasn't WRITTEN WITH CAPS LOCK ON OMGZLOL, but every individual word had it's first letter capitalised like a name. Spawning the following thread(and a bit):

colbyucb Ughhh, I fail to understand how you could write an entire story Capitalizing Every Word Like This.

kalicephirot It's Easy. You Do It To Drive Everybody Crazy And Murderous.

tanathir At Least Suethor Uses Capitals.

Which Somehow Does Not Ease The Reader's Pain.

kalicephirot I Think I'd Prefer Suethor To Not Use Capitals.

At Least It Doesn't Kill My Eyes.

wolflupin I Don't Know. Maybe It Comes From Being Delusional.

dropsofgleam Or From Wanting To Look Oh So Cultured And Refinated.

Hell, Even I Do Not Capitalize Every Single Word That I Write.

jaydeis I Feel Like I Am Writing A Ridiculously Enormous Title Rather Than A Sentence.

dropsofgleam I Feel Like Oh Noes The Caps Make Me Incoherent. Zomg Help. XD

wolflupin Same Here. I Don't Even Know Why I'm Still Typing Like This. Kill Me Now.

Whole post here:

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