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Yet MORE Episode III stuff...

In which erinpuff goes to see RotS and has the grave misfortune of sitting in front of a family of asshats. Highlights:

Droids: *appear on screen*
Kid Asshat: HAHA!
Stuff: *happens*
Asshat Family: *does commentary*
Asshat Kid: *SOUND EFFECTS!*
Me: *thinks "Okay, Asshat Kid, Lucas spent a lot of money on those sound effects. They don't need an annoying kid adding his own."*
Daddy Asshat: That's Anakin Skywalker! He becomes Darth Vader! Look, there he is!
Kid Asshat: Who? What? HAHA DROIDS LOL!!!

Mama Asshat: WITH LUKE AND LEIA!!one
Audience, silently because they have the power to do that unlike some people: DUH.
Me: *facepalm*

Palpatine: *is shifty*
Daddy Asshat: I DON'T TRUST THAT GUY. *laughs at own wit, or maybe really has no idea*
Palpatine: blah blah blah DARTH PLAGUEIS or however one spells that. Megan would pronounce it "pleggis," though.
Daddy Asshat: THAT'S *HIM*!!!!
Palpatine: blah blah his apprentice killed him.
Daddy Asshat: wait... oh, *THAT'S* HIM!!
Clue-by-four: *would smack but it would be a waste of energy*

You can read the rest at her journal, here!
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