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Wal*Mart Is Your Shopping Mall

Deludedoptomism Signs you are from/in Roanoke, AL.

1. You are a hick, even if you don't know what that means.

2. You are a hick, even if you tried not to be.

3. You slightly fear not being a hick.

4. Whenever someone asks you where you are from, you always have to add Alabama whenever you say Roanoke, even in the neighboring towns.

5. You know NOTHING about the history of your town.

6. Whenever you say that you want to go to the "mall," you mean "Wal*Mart."

7. People know where you are talking about.

8. When you want to go "out," you go to Wal*Mart.

9. You are seen at Wal*Mart 9 times a week, nonshopping season.

10. Even the prep's clothing consists of at least two-thirds Wal*Mart apparrel.

11. The new Wal*Mart Supercenter's grand opening was perhaps the turning point of life for you and everyone else.

12. You went to Walmart's grand opening and met half of the relatives that you thought were dead.

13. One of them owed you money.

14. You are offended by comments against Wal*Mart.

15. You have never met anyone with an actual life.

16. Everyone finds out what you will do tomorrow before you know yourself.

17. There are two church's side-by-side.... in several places around the town.

18. You never noticed before.

19. Football has been pounded in your head since the womb.

20. When you see people making fun of people from the South, you think, "I have never seen anyone act like that." Then, you go outside, and you see it happening.

21. If you live here and have not managed to obtain a deeeeep Southern accent, people you have never met before often say, "You're not from around here, are you?"

22. You may be proud when they do, although these people will never trust you again.

23. Whenever you leave Roanoke, you notice you reek(sp?) with the stench of cattle.... occasionally chicken houses.

24. You "got it on" with an 8th grader, either gender.

25. Mary Jackson payed to suck your choo-choo.

26. You were a girl.

27. You took the money anyway and let her figure out things on her own.

29. You lived here, hated it, moved away, missed it, moved back, didn't fit in.

30. You moved away, came back, and nothing changed.

*grins* First time posting. I've actually been to there, and that's actually what it's like. *shakes head*
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