Sarcasti-lect 3.0 (dark_mage_girl) wrote in metaquotes,
Sarcasti-lect 3.0

To jeans or not to jeans? That is the question...

The ever-metaquotable irradiatedsoup has been staying up waaaay too late for her own good. She elaborates in this post. But here's a snippet of what a tired brain can do - Claire-style:

I might get some new jeans tomorrow. I might not. What is important about jeans is what you do with them once you get them. Putting them on your head for instance may seem like a funny and jovial pastime, but you will earn the long suffering nickname of "jeanshead". And, I'm just saying, well if you're willing to live with that, that's just fine.

For context, see above, but really...who needs context?
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