Stephanie Arwen Lynch (stephanielynch) wrote in metaquotes,
Stephanie Arwen Lynch

gypsylady and herbmcsidhe said

"Of course, as of the last time I listened to the news (Friday, it's been THAT kind of a weekend) Clark had yet to state his opinions on most of the issues that are important to me. But I still don't dismiss him as a possible replacement for the dangerous swill that currently squats at the White House." gypsylady

Then herbmcsidhe Said

Our party is a strange one, to seay the least: French widowed noblewoman (Princess Stephanie di Conti), her Romany servant/bodyguard (Jessinia), her twin nieces (Erica/Eryka Grey) who share a single body (faery curse/split personality), the niece's cousin (Sherrif Doctor Erasmus Grey) from "the Bear Flag Empire of California" (Emperor Norton rules!), his Romany servant/bodyguard (Janoz), the widow's husband's employee/inventor (Dr. "Teddy") who is a good match for Fred MacMurray in the original "Absent Minded Professor", and the African Princess (First Daughter)/Lousiana ex-house slave ("Flossie")/Voudon Priestess multiple personality...I think that's correct, if not, I'm certain one of them will correct me.
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