Nobody said it was easy (copperbadge) wrote in metaquotes,
Nobody said it was easy

setissma is giving her new dog a bath for the first time. Pigdog is....not very bright.

Now, Pigdog was metaphorically all smiles once she got out of the bath. She even went so far as to do the towel dance of joy, which involves stepping on my feet a lot while trying to get me to dry her off. As I was drying her off, the phone rang. We're trying to sell a car, so when the phone rings around here, you run for it. I tossed the towel over her head, because the other dogs find this trick quite entertaining, and will engage in leaping dances of wriggling doggy glee when I do it. Then I, being an awful person, sort of forgot about picking up the towel.

I came back about twenty minutes later, after moving landscape timbers, and - you guessed it. There was Pigdog. Standing right where I'd left her.

With the towel still on her head.
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