Furious Ming (thepeopleseason) wrote in metaquotes,
Furious Ming

'Sith' Hits The Box Office Fan

defamer_atom knows who's behind it all--georges_neck:
Variety reports that Revenge of the Sith did $50 million in its first day of release, putting box office paddle to the green ass of the Shrek 2's single-day record ($44.8 mil). Sith further proved that Hayden Christen's look of crippling constipation can trump even Keanu Reeve's monosyllabic flavor of colon-blockage, toppling The Matrix Reloaded's opening day record of $42.5 million. To celebrate this early victory, George Lucas announced he's clearing a 100-acre swath of the SkyWalker ranch, where his neck-wattle can roam free while devising its first post-Star Wars project.
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