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Heh. From frostfaerie: "The Advantages of being a Sweet Young Female"

"(in no order...just as I think them)
1. All bus drivers will let you on their bus (even if they make you cry in the process)
2. You can cry to get what you want
3. You can blag your way into almost any night club. Anywhere.

4. We all know buying a matching bra and knickers is the greatest form of therapy

5. You don't have to pay for dates

6. If you are cranky you can blame it on your period

7. If you don't want to have sex you can blame it on your period

8. If you dont want to do gym you can blame it in your period
(can we see a theme here people...)

9. Because we are the 'weaker sex' we don't have to build anything/worry about DIY

10. The words 'but daddy.....' can get you EVERYTHING

11. Flashing a bit of flesh now and then can also get you pretty much anything (except with your daddy...use tactic suggested in number 10)

12. We know how to let men THINK they have the upper hand when really WE are calling ALL the shots

13. You can crush on a guy OR girl and not be embarassed about it

14. We SO have a better choice of fashion and accessories to chose from than guys

15. We can ask for directions and save ourselves hours of wasted time

16. We can order more than just a beer at a bar without being called a pansy

17. Women have a secret language read in each others guys taht will leave guys forever asking 'what - what are you doing? tell me what your thinking...you can't do that..that's not fair!'

18. We can be friends with fags without having to question our sexuality

19. We can cry at movies with out questioning our sexuality

20. Our sexaul organs don't cause us embarssment when sexually aroused in public places

I love her, she's adorable.
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