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omg omg omg. There are some comments on my comments where people are commenting to me on my comments with comments of "oh you don't have diabetes you have pre-diabetes..." isnt it the same thing? I've had people comment to me (on my comments) that i am not diabetic because my blood glucose levels are 179 mg/dL and it has to be above 200 mg/dL... fuck them... i don't care about what they think i have... keep it to yourself... nobody wants to... hear... it.

I don't need discouraging negative feedback telling me to get well. It is just really frustraing that i work so hard to raise my glucose levels and people on here tell me i am faking... i am not... i am eating a half pound of sugar right now... as gangrene sets in on my feet. you are all just a bunch of four-limbers!

to all my pro-gluc "sweeties"
forever love

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