Daisan Sedai (daisan) wrote in metaquotes,
Daisan Sedai

From this entry by novemberhour:

An example of What Could've Been:

Padme: "I have wonderful news."

Anakin: *raises eyebrow*

Some Alternate Director With a Greater Understanding of Subtlety: "Cut!"

Billion, Trillion Knowing Fans: "Ahhhhhh."

Looming Negatives:

Yoda: "Into exile must I go. Also, Qui-Gon is back to teach you how to communicate from beyond the grave, so you can help Luke in A New Hope."

Obi-wan: "Thanks. Couldn't have figured that out for myself. Couldn't have just accepted it as a natural result of our bonding through the Force. Had to bloody explain it."

Billion Trillion Knowing Fans: *believability is totally ruined*

Padme: "A great portion of my lines contain references to Naboo, which sounds like the home planet of the Teletubbies."

Anakin: *angsts*

Padme: "Stop that. I love you."

Anakin: "I love you best."

Padme: "Nuh-uh, I love YOU best..."

Obi-Wan: *fiddles with something*

Obi-Wan: "I've recoded the message, blah blah blah."

Yoda: "Take them time it will to discover the recoding, blah blah blah."

Billion Trillion Knowing Fans: "OMG, don't use Yoda for unnecessary plot explication. Also, for Yoda, bad is paragraph form."

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