MIASMA (backfromspace) wrote in metaquotes,

I understand people who subvocalize when they read. I even understand people who make little comments to themselves about the reading as they go through a text. But now I'm confronted with a group of people who are always in here during seventh period, scattered throughout the library, who have mastered the combination of grunting and whimpering like a wounded animal! So the soundtrack to my work is now:

*UNGH wuh wuh UNGH UNGH wuh wuh wuh.* Pause. *UNGH wuh wuh UNGH wuh wuh wuh UNGH UNGH wuh.*

I can only hope they're not singing along to a piece playing in their head, because -- well, it wouldn't be more annoying. I'd just feel very sorry for them.

(Note: I tried to be more understanding. It worked. For a minute.)

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