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The Light of the Lord

Over in wtf_inc, we had a post that linked to an article. The article was by a woman who had been addicted to suntanning, and the ego boost that came with "nice tan" compliments... and how she finally overcame this with the help of God.

A couple choice quotes:

archmage: "God helped me quit tanning!" Oh, for fuck's sakes. If you need a deity to make you quit baking yourself, then you have some serious issues to attend to.

rigbys_face: God helped me in quitting my addiction to caffeine pills.

....Oh wait, no. That was Saved By The Bell.

And a thread:
gal_montag: Um. So the threat of skin cancer wasn't enough?
weird_lilith: tsk! skin cancer has nothing on the wrath of God!
solipschism: yeah. boils are way more disfiguring than melanomas.
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