daromaius (daromaius) wrote in metaquotes,


This paragraph pasted together from a string of comments made by ginalin on bestiality. I obtained permission for this dazzling display of poetic licence.

I walked out to the barn one morning to check on some orphan lambs and caught a guy inflagrante delecto with a sheep. He never saw or heard me come in. I just caught the "grand finale". He was so engrossed, he didn't even realize I was there. Pulled up his pants and walked out without ever seeing me. I mean, I'm glad I didn't catch his notice because really, what do you say when you catch a guy doing that? "You two been dating long?" "Oh, you're a baaaaaad boy?"

I've heard guys discussing this while drunk, how to keep the sheep from kicking you while you um, press your unwanted attentions on it. Explains also why I never wanted to marry any of the local boys.

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