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In this entry, holy_whatever and I discuss the finer points of fatdom. Her last comment, made me cackle so hard I threw up that whole, live chicken I just ate. because OMG--I'M SO FAT BECAUSE I LOVE FOOD TOO MUCH < /bitter >

< funny >

holy_whatever: Well, for me it's like "Hahaha that's ACTUALLY HOW THEY THINK ahahaha." Like the whole absurdity aspect.

eimran: Exactly. I used to be friends with a girl until I found out she was pro-ana. Mostly because I couldn't deal with her twisted logic about food since a friend of mine nearly died from anorexia a few years before.

But I gotta say: As a fat person, sometimes it's nice to be "seen through" and "like I don't exist" ... It lets me get away with the most horrifying of things. And now, now that I know the pro-ana mentality: I'm totally blaming the skinny bitch with her finger down her throat.

In the end, I win. XD

holy_whatever: Oh, I agree. Being fat is awesome because not only can we apparently get away with murder...we're not hungry as well.

eimran: And because we're not hungry *dramatic pause* We have the fuel for brain power to totally think of a rockin' alibi to get out of the crime in the first place.

Silly stupid thin people.

(and now you know the background--here's my favorite part!)

holy_whatever: EXACTLY. And that's why most Mafia bosses and etc. are obese. Because they're geniuses from all the food, AND they're invisible.

...Hot damn, she makes me laugh.
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