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If the Punisher ran a nunnery.....

And yet more exquisitely addictive fun from sages_of_chaos, perhaps the most quotable of all LJ communities (If you have over several hundred excellent writers and characters in one place, this is inevitable.)

Someone posted here a few days ago about the Punisher's concern regarding one community member's fangirling squeals over mechanoid community members (Cybertronians, androids, etc.) The Punisher decides that said fangirl (ashudastampedo) should spend some calming time in a nunnery. Here, she resigns herself to the inevitable, because who is going to argue with the Punisher? When asked what kind of nunnery she is being sent to, the Punisher responds:

subtle_guns: "Our Lady of Progressive Secularism is not a typical nunnery.

You can take classes in foreign languages, grappling, escrima, history, firearms training, humanities, arts and crafts, first aid, wind surfing, cellular biology, physics of ballistics, botany, ethics, forensic psychology, game theory, Silician cooking, meteorology, survival training, and how to defy the laws of physics by packing ten cubic feet of items into a suitcase with two cubic feet of space.

I teach the ethics class."

That would be my kind of nunnery, if it were real. This community winds up on metaquotes all of the time, and really, I cannot recommend it enough.
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