Kevin (nihilicious) wrote in metaquotes,

gueny adapts a Herpes ad to fit Canadian politics:

The Conservative Pill. It's a hard one to swallow

Do you lose sleep worrying about the future of Canada under the Martin Liberals? Liberal corruption exhaustion can cost you hours of sleep. But only if you let it. The Right Wing now releases its new drug called the Conservatives.

This newly formulated drug consists of all recycled materials from PC, CCRAP, Alliance and Reform. This revolutionary ideology combines standard opposition rhetoric with foul accusations for opportunism and a quenchless thirst for power. Classified laboratory studies indicate that the Conservatives can provide temporary relief from scandal and corruption until approximately 2 weeks after an election.

Remember, there is no cure for corruption, and even with treatment, corruption can spread. To avoid a potentially serious complication, consult your conscience before inserting the enema if you are poor, gay, from the east coast, a visible minority, francophone or female.

Common side effects are separation anxiety, American war fever, increase in environmental disease due to increase pollution, increased sickness due to lack of healthcare, loss of human rights, moderate bigotry, blindness and/or paralysis of the left side, verbal diarrhea, homophobia, rashes or reddening of the neck and shoulders area, depression and regret, nausea and a general bad taste in your mouth.

(And he's cute, too.)
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