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bearpawly enlightens his friends in a locked post about a new discovery.

For some reason, I'm annoyed by the click-click-click sound of a plastic spoon being scooped along the bottom of a yogurt cup to collect that last possible residue from that God-awful concoction.

Oh, the humanity!

Click-click-click. Then, the pause. And with the pause comes the image of the clicker sucking the meager smackeral of muck off her spoon, like a whore vacuuming a cock with can't-get-enough dedication.

Then, click-click-click.



Come on! How many times can you keep going back to scrounge up enough of that health-food-jizz to make the spoon-sucking yield any flavor?



Give it a rest. If you need more of Satan's Cooled Spooge, grab another cup and have at it.

Of all the unholy -- click-click-click -- sounds to invade my after-click-click-click-noon. There can be no other cause for such persistent foolishness than to drive me completely loony. Somebody make me a reservation at the nuthouse. (Yes, kev_bot, the one up in Togus.)
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