Jadian (jadian) wrote in metaquotes,

Here kitty kitty

In which lowrentvalkyrie discusses her cats... here.

I've noted certain developments in Pixie's unusually high intelligence that are simply... disturbing. For instance, she's figured out how to turn an ordinary kitchen chair into an armored vehicle. Because, yes, my apartment is decorated in Early American College Student, and yes, my kitchen chairs are actually office chairs. With wheels. Pixie has figured out that if she jumps on them when they're on the linoleum floor, she can make them roll. And she has. Right toward Stranger. There was an unfortunate miscalculation in Pixie's plans, when she realized that forcefully jumping on the chair when the chair is on the carpet will not, in fact, make the chair move, but will, in fact, make the chair rotate for six full revolutions.
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