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Okay, this isn't from Livejournal. In fact, it isn't even from a vaguely affiliated site... it's from The Bad Astronomy Bulletin Board, specifically, from a thread with the amusing title If you had never seen a dog....

But it is funny.

During a discussion about the likelihood of aliens appearing humanoid:

Normandy6644: Exactly. I would think that any beings that came here would have the more creativity than that. Plus, they came all the way here, why are they taking people and probing in the same place? I mean, the human rectum can only be so interesting.....
robin: Yes, it's very unlikely aliens would look anything like humans. So the inhabitants of UFOs can't be aliens. They're time travellers from the future. That's what the human race will look like in a few hundred thousand years. They've came back in time because, in their age, humanity has become so infertile it's dying out. That's why they always probe the reproductive system - they're hoping to learn something that will help them get the human race reproducing again.
Normandy6644: I stand by my comment that you can only learn so much from the human rectum. Last time I checked that wasn't for reproduction anyway....
Ripper: Maybe that is why they are becomming extinct.
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