Trisha Lynn (trishalynn) wrote in metaquotes,
Trisha Lynn

On SW fans, of all genders

Moderator shout-outs were rampant in the answers to the ljdq this week for co-mod chaosvizier turned 34 on Cinco de Mayo. So all the answers were Hans-related this week. Or Han-related. Hey, what's with leaving out the Chinese, eh?

5. What is the name of the commander of the Millennium Falcon? Throw in your favorite Star Wars quote, too.

"HA! Not a Han answer! The original commander was Lando Calrissian, you douchebag! Your plot to control our minds by subtle use of your name has failed like a fat kid running thirty feet! My, I'm using exclamation points at the end of every sentence!"

(To be fair, CV and AL gave credit for all Lando answers.)

"As for my favorite quote, it would obviously have to be 'May the force be with you.' It always makes me think of church, and I want to reply 'And also with you.' Which of course, I do."

(And now I will, too.)

Don't forget to play this week!

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