Captain Oblivious (maggiebloome) wrote in metaquotes,
Captain Oblivious

I've got no idea where I'm supposed to post this, so if it's inappropriate here, someone cross-post it to where it's meant to be for me please? All the [inserthere]sucks communities ought to be listed together.

So i've got a bunch of communities on my friends list. And lo and behold, four entries IN A ROW on my friends page:

wonderfulalecs, posting in metaquotes @ 6:03pm: Newbie looking for friends
I am pretty new to lj and need more friends! Please look over my profile and journals. Most of my entries are for friends only, so if you add me I would love to add you as a friend. Thanks!

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So here I thought it was just an annoying desperate off-topic-er. BUT! There's more:

alluringalice, posting in bad_rpers_suck @ 6:09pm: Newbie looking for friends
I'm new and a friend told me i would get alot of comments from you guys. So i hope this works.

Clickhere to see my favorite website

Beginning to see some similarity?

uniqueolivia, posting in discworld @ 6:48pm: Newbie looking for friends
Just joined, It seems rather hard to find a good community, but I'm glad I found this one.

Clickhere to see my favorite website

Notice how all the usernames are [adjective][name]?

stunningchanell, posting in customers_suck @ 7:02pm: Newbie looking for friends
I just wanted to drop a quick yet warm hello for everyone here.

Clickhere to see my favorite website

Spam, anyone?
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