like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote in metaquotes,
like a psychotic rainbow

apocalypsos does a script format review of Kingdom of Heaven:

Later, Orli is escorted into a room where Liam Neeson sits on a throne.

David Thewlis: "Kneel before him, kid."
Orli: "Wait, I know how this goes. I kneel down, and then Dom gets out the video camera --"
David Thewlis: "Shut it, you little hornball, the man's dying here."
Liam Neeson: "*coughcough* I leave all of my worldly possessions including Natasha Richardson and my variety of bad film haircuts to you, my son. Be strong and brave and kind, and above all else, don't hog the hair care products." *whacks Orli across the face* "And that's so you remember it."
apocalypsos: "DUDE! Why can't I get away with that? Especially with stupid people. 'No, you cannot write a book about Jesus in his own words *backhands Anne Rice* And that's so you remember it!'"
Liam Neeson: *dies*

Read the entire review here.
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