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minkboylove speculates on the nature of Anne Rice's planned foray into the world of religious literature:

"So, you didn't like my Bible? Yo bitches and fo' shizzle my nizzle (and who says I can't talk street, mofo?)- you were interrogating the text from the wrong perspective, because you are ignorant and heartless and you don't understand that my words are sacred. Sentence structure. I care not if like Yoda I sound on occasion for grammar is for lesser artists than I. Choppy and short. Run on and excessive with contempt for the comma and adjectives trickling and tumbling like a beauteous waterfall of glimmering mixed metaphors oozing like primordial soup in teh raw perfection of my unadulterated prose. It's indicative of the purity of my art. How dare you criticise me? NOW BOW BEFORE YOUR GOD!"
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