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Some Hilarious Smallville Commentary

You may remember I metaquoted spectralbovine and fishinginthemud here for their Reefer Madness commentary. Well, they're back at it again, this time commenting on the Smallville episode "Blank," where Clark loses all his memory. It shorter than the last one (mainly because the episode is only 44 minutes, while Reefer Madness was about two hours), but it still has some hilarious gems:

Spectral Bovine (10:09:40 PM): No, Lana's crotch is protected.
Spectral Bovine (10:09:48 PM): By Al and Miles.
FishingInTheMud (10:09:51 PM): she has a wall like lex's

Spectral Bovine (10:16:43 PM): "This is a door."
FishingInTheMud (10:16:57 PM): this is a lois
Spectral Bovine (10:17:04 PM): "Lois is not a door."
FishingInTheMud (10:17:21 PM): no, that's your brain, clark

Spectral Bovine (10:40:44 PM): Whoa, porn.
Spectral Bovine (10:40:51 PM): Lex/letter slash.
Spectral Bovine (10:40:53 PM): Lex/paper.
FishingInTheMud (10:40:59 PM): Laper
Spectral Bovine (10:41:00 PM): Oh, stroke that papyrus.

Read the entire thing.
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