Kelsey (kels) wrote in metaquotes,

Some sort of voodoo potion?

Background: Excerpted from an LJ conversation between two of my friends. It's from a locked post of V, in which she talks about some of the odd sentimental objects she has saved over the years.

K: V, you don't have to justify your sentimentality to *me* - I still have my my own baby teeth. And a brazil nut C gave me in middle school, and an old iron nail, and some hair from... someone (B, I think). And those are just the first three odd things I spotted in my cedar memory box.

V: lol sounds like you could do some kind of voodoo spell with that!

K: i do seem to have an unnatural obsession with saving physical parts of people. now all i need is some of my first born's nail clippings, and i'm all set!

V: haha all set for what? Your teeth, B's hair, your baby's fingernail clippings and a Brazil nut from C. What the hell would that make?? :D

K: ... a kitty? hell, woman, i'm making this up as i go along!

V: a kitty? how about a zombie kitty? that sounds more voodoo-y.

EDIT: My icon seems to have drawn more attention than the actual post, which I find amusing. :)
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