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(I’m quoting myself *and* someone else at the same time, so I’m hoping I’ve put this in the right spot, but if I haven’t just holler)

In </a></b></a>animorphs we were discussing the fact that Shawn Ashmore (who played Jake on the Animorphs TV show) have Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn from Buffy) have been dating for a year now, sparking this exchange:

erinlin: Michelle Trachtenberg: OH NOES! The bad guys are coming, and I’m just the useless little sister of a feminist role model! WHATEVER SHALL I DO?!

Shawn Ashmore: Don’t worry, babe. *morphs a tiger*

Michelle Trachtenberg: YEAY!

musemuffin Any word on whether Christopher Ralph is attached to anyone?

scottique : Ashley Olsen.

(Heh heh heh. But it would be funny. As the post above did...)

Ashley: Help help! John Stamos and Bob Saget are being creepy again!
Mary Kate: My coke is missing!
Christopher Ralph: TSEEEER! *rakes bloody scratches in John Stamos and Bob Saget's head and snatches up the baggie of drugs in his talons*
Mary Kate and Ashley: Oh Christopher Ralph, YOU are the cute one!

erinlin: And now I have this image of Rachel morphing a grizzly bear and *eating* the Olsen twins.


Come on, you *know* she would.
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