why can't monsters get along with other monsters? (hermintage) wrote in metaquotes,
why can't monsters get along with other monsters?

ragabashtule laments the leftist anarchist influence on AI (bolded, the part I like best):

I cannot believe Constantine got voted off American Idol last night. I've been reading up on the Television Without Pity forums quite profusely for the last day or so. Everyone there seems to hate Constantine. I personally think it's all a c-o-n-spiracy put on by leftist liberal anarchists who want to subvert the system. Who knows? I swear if Scott goes all the way and wins this thing because of them, I am so joining their cause next season and intentionally voting for the worst person.

* * *

And, shakinros talks of reaching the "I just don't care" status on her job (locked post, QWP, again, my favorite is bolded):

I have now officially reached "I just don't care" status at my job. That was fast. Now that I know I'm leaving and my boss knows I'm leaving and everyone knows I'm leaving, I'm just sloughing off projects left and right. It feels really good actually. I should have done this much MUCH sooner. So , no teacher workshop this summer. Screw the teachers. No witty emails to the listserv. Screw wit wasted on strangers.

* * *

Don't know why it amuses me so much; it just does. :D
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