The Black Sword (snowwy) wrote in metaquotes,
The Black Sword

Another long-time reader, first-time poster (I think)

medancer has a fangirl moment and gets descriptive with the spoiler warning.
(Note: there are spoilers in the article that I've linked to. There are great big fat juicy spoilers that once bitten into dribble juice down your chin all warm and sticky and drip from your chin to your chest like maraschino cherry juice filmed in slow motion, and the drips spread on contact like blossoms opening at high speed, and these drips will stain your brand new, absolutely pristine, never been worn before white shirt that you bought for a Very Special Occasion, and now you've stained this pristine white fabric with this dark sticky red and you're stuck wearing this shirt that looks blood spattered to this Very Special Occasion because you have NOTHING else you can change into that's even vaguely appropriate.


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