Carrie (phatone) wrote in metaquotes,

My first post!! WHOO!

In a flocked post by entropymagnet, she writes about her latest bruise to the male ego:

I have my health exam at 11:00 today so my away message on AIM said:

"it's 9:30 in the morning -- i "slept late" by the standards of many ecu students. ...not late enough, apparently? ...i was having the best dream but i had to wake up, for today is the health exam. ...yes, boys and girls, i had to interrupt my perfectly awesome dream so i can go label penises and vaginas. ...yay. :-X"

Jon left me a message that said, "You sure you can do that? You haven't seen one of those lately!"

And I replied, "By that logic, I hope I don't have to label the stages of orgasm, either."

...He totally thought I was referring to him as being inadequate, when I was really just referring to the fact that we haven't had a sex life at all lately, because we've had so much going on and all.

Male ego, beware: I WILL CRUSH YOU.

Quoted with permission because I rock like that.
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