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the not-so-strappy shoes

More tales of the neurotic caffeine addicted french girl having another Carrie Bradshaw day:

"[while I was running from the CEO's office to my desk], a strap on my steeletto sandal snapped off. no amount of taping, glueing or stapling could save it. faced with the possibility of attending tonight's meeting with a shoe adorned with a dysfunctional strap, i decided to cut it off. now, since i'm kind of anal about my shoes actually *matching*, i had to cut the strap off of the other perfectly fine shoe. mind you, these are the sandals that have no more stopper on the heel, i'm walking on the metal tip. i look and sound like a pityful rendition of Shirley Temple's Good Ship Lollipop when i walk anywhere, people in China can hear me coming just by listening to the dull "clikety click" that follows me anywhere i go. at least i entertain small children with my "tap shoes". these same shoes are also covered in black Sharpie marker, to hide all the scuffs and scratches i've managed to win on them"
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