Chris (kuroutesshin) wrote in metaquotes,

Okay, this was posted form my friend's journal. We both go to the same school here, and our Principal just got on announcments to tell us that, in the last three weeks of shool they willb e cracking down on drinking among the sutdetns. Apparently someonf them drink during class, or go out to their cars and such. Now, the other bit of background info id that our school mascot in teh Redhawk. Here you go.

"When Barrenwall concluded his speech he said, "Redhawks [our mascot] flee from drugs and alcohol!"
It was just so stupid. First off, it doesn't really make sense. If you're going to use a mascot in some saying like that, at least have it an actual comparison to something that the red-tailed hawk actually does. Secondly... flee? Flee? To run away or escape from danger, pursuit, unpleasantness, etc? What the hell kind of anti-drug motto is that? "I'm scared of drugs, so I run away from them as fast as physically possible!" Yeah, that's a strong, defiant message.
It may have been the stupidest thing I have ever heard my principal utter.

So, yep..."

"Oh god! Pot! RUN!"
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