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quoted with permission from the incomparable ragnvaeig

Foodporn: Kaiserschmarren Casserole

For my fellow alcoholic foodies out there, "But Why is the Rum Gone?" Test Kitchens brings you a variation on the traditional Austrian dessert. It's a casserole because you stick it in a baking dish and reheat it once you're ready to eat it. I came up with it cuz I wanted Kaiserschmarren, but was feeling lazy today. No, the word "Kaiser" has nothing to do with "raisin," no matter what the idiot eating near us at Herwig's on the afternoon of Saturday 16 April says. (Learn to speak the damned language, you boor! ::shakes fist in supposed direction of said idiot:: )

You will need:
1 bottle of rum: I use Bacardi Superieur cuz it's what's in the house, and also makes amazing hot buttered rum. The actual amount you'll be using is entirely up to you. Dark Jamaican rum is also nice, as is strong Austrian rum.
200 grammes or so of raisins: This is approximately a cup, or half a 15 oz. box. You might want to save a few for garnish (I wouldn't know why, though) but toss these with a goodly slosh of rum into a plastic container with a tight lid. Shake intermittently to make sure they become The Happy Little Grapes that God Intended. You can soak them for up to a week, but do not forget about them in the back of your fridge. They're too tasty for that. Use half "golden raisins" if you're weird.
enough pancake batter to make 5-6 respectable-sized pancakes--I usually make mine from scratch (3 eggs, separated and beaten by hand; half-liter-isch of milk, etc.) but as I was tired today, I cheated with some store-bought buttermilk pancake mix. [I am an amazing food snob, but this past week I've spent no fewer than 6 hours in doctor's offices (thank you, smarriveurr, for waiting with me) and had so much blood drawn that I swear they're feeding an 8th gen Ventrue elder with Very Particular Tastes off my juices. This is what it takes to get me to approach plebian methods with my food.] I made batter for enough pancakes to make a resonable breakfast for two, which happens to be one Bisquick batch.
a half-teaspoon to a teaspoon each of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg: measure according to your tastes
1 teaspoon of vanilla
3 tablespoons of orange juice
white granulated sugar: You'll need less than a quarter cup/75 grammes.
powdered sugar: About a tablespoon. I use this cuz I'm a snob. Only bother if you've a small sieve to break it up into attractive bits.

Into your batter, stir the Altered Raisins (yes, including the rum sloshing around in the bottom--what are you, a quitter?), spices, vanilla and orange juice. Make pancakes as per usual. This will take a while (probably somewhere upwards of half an hour) so make yourself a rum and coke while you flip the little buggers.

Once you've a nice stack of pancakes, remember to turn off the stove under your second-best pan and grease a baking dish. Anything from 8x8" to 9x13" will do, depending upon how thick you'd like the finished product to be. I have one of those pump-aerosol oil misters, which works better than nearly anything else I've tried. Rip up your pancakes into forkful-sized bits (Yes, you can use your hands, but you'll get buttery. To some significant others, this seems to be a turn-on. Hey, you never know.) and layer them in the dish.

You have several options for sugar/rum application. I just sprinkled the granulated white sugar over the pancake bits, drizzled over a happy amount of rum and then dusted with powdered sugar, but you may want to do rum first, then the sugar. It doesn't matter, so long as you're happy with the amount of rum you're using (wow, there's a lot less remaining than you'd thought) and are pleased with the way the sugar looks/tastes. Feel free to try maple syrup if you're feeling adventurous.

Reheat before serving, as this is a dish best served hot. Yes, it'll evaporate some of the rum, but you can add more once it's hot. This would make a nicely posh make-ahead breakfast. Feeds as many as can get their forks into it before it disappears (in our house 2-3, but may be up to 8 in your house).
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