Blushing Grace (blushing_grace) wrote in metaquotes,
Blushing Grace

Con-goer Circles

shadowcaptain said here

needless to say, your peer group (at least the part that's synonymous with mine) is pretty much made up of Con People. ...
In other words, people who have read more than their fair share of books growing up, but, statistically speaking, people who got to less than their fair share of parties as a result. And whose social circles tend to be somewhat *cough*inbred*cough*, shall we say, self-correcting. hence, the second- and third-generation geeks, otherwise known as the BSCWCB ("baby strollers covered with calligraphic buttons").

The big social loophole, which has bailed out more people that come to mind than I would care to mention in a public forum, is the Bed-Swapping Rationalization Natural 20, otherwise known as the Let's Have An Open Relationship Dice Roll Of Khazad-Dum. But, again, generally speaking, weaving stable relationships out of that kind of psychosexual egyptian rat screw takes a quantity of mental gymnastics that itself almost requires falling on the High LQ scale to begin with. For anyone else, that way lies spooky carnival death.
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