I Dream of the Silk That Is Tangled Inside You (vaspider) wrote in metaquotes,
I Dream of the Silk That Is Tangled Inside You

karjack wants another tarantula:

The sad thing is I want another spider. Maybe as a reward for helping the boy clean the apartment and making room on my cluttered desk... I could handle a Cobalt Blue. Or even an Indian Ornamental (the key word fragment in this species being 'mental'). They're gorgeous. They're also 'I keel you!!!' crazy. I also know where to get one for a reasonably decent price, all things considered. Do I dare? Time will tell. I just want a bigger spider who will interact with me more. Junior hides, Sweetie Pie is so laid back. I think something that attacks the side of the terrarium in an attempt to chew through it to get at my face is more my speed. I like how the description says they're unpredictable. That's a nice way of saying it will come for you in the night with eight tiny knives for each little limb. It will mail you pieces of your own puppy. It will date your sister. It is not a spider to be trifled with.

From a locked post, quoted with permission.
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