damsel madness (holy_whatever) wrote in metaquotes,
damsel madness

The ever-funny eimran on that happy, grown-up, female feeling.

Steve and I, as we usually do, got on random topics this evening. One was menstration, of all things. I'm kind of hating on my cycle right now... because I'm so near the end of "that time of the month" and it's like it's mocking me. "Oh, you THINK I'm all done... but no. NO! BWA HA HAHA!!" And so on. It's nasty. I hate it. Like some weirdo with tuberculosis and a sinus problem used my vagina as a hankie. Yeah. YEAH. You think the thought of it ALONE is gross? Try actually SEEING it. I'm pretty happy I'm single. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy... let alone expecting a significant other to potentially run the risk of seeing this. Don't "oh it's natural" or "oh it's normal" me. Because I'll totally smear a used pad on your windows or something. Natural, yes. Normal, sure. Pleasant? No. Bite me.

PS: Not responsible for any of the following because you suck and clicked the cut: 1) Vomiting, 2) Loss of Appetite, 3) Sudden Desire to STAP OUT YOUR EYES, 4) ETC. The end.
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