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But how was he SUPPOSED to react???

I don't think I need to friends lock the posts where I drool over Hottie Prof anymore. I'm pretty sure he knows.
Probably has something to do with that time I walked up to him and said, "Do me now, Stabler!"
He didn't react as I intended. He looked all puzzled and said, "WHAT?!" so I repeated, "Do you have a stapler?"

True story, guys.
I swear on the bible.

Geex, could I beg a little harder to be metaquotesed?

~neurotica0  in a rare UN-friends-locked post here.

Two minor explanations:
1.  She's an atheist, which makes the swearing on the bible even better.
2.  Geex is not a typo.  I asked.  As she puts it in the comments to that entry, "It's like jesus but for atheists."

</span> Edit: Broken link fixed.
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