DK (dk_valentine) wrote in metaquotes,

From a locked post by the amusingly insane osiris_06, quoted with permission:

I now know that I have officially been on livejournal too long. [A friend] was putting up a poster of some guy, and she accidentally tore his head. She went to search for tape, while my first thought was "my hed is pastede on yey."

In other news, Mom found a recipe for chocolate-covered matzo. I feel compelled to try it.

And, later:

And history will absolutely be the death of me. We have class at 7 tomorrow morning. *tries to resist urge to throw a duck at [her history teacher].* No, I can't explain why I want to throw a duck at [my history teacher], other than to say that I've gone mad. *cue evil cackling and ominous music*
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