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Vanity of vanities, all is publishing

The lovely and ever-entertaining crevette has this to say about yet another sucker aspiring author whose work of Duran Duran-inspired poetry has been printed by Publish America:

She's talking about people going to Barnes and Nobles or Borders to buy her new book. I guess she doesn't know they won't buy shelf copies from PA because of the no refund policy. I guess she doesn't realize it's going to cost about $20 for a paperback from them, and with a fandom tapped out from selling all their worldly possessions to follow the band on tour, she's not going to find a big audience there.

I can't get the image of a caravan of Duran Duran groupies out of my head--preteen girls with big hair, pink eyeshadow, and ripped tights, squealing, "Omigod! Like, gag me, Simon is just so bitchin'!," in between calling their parents for cab money to come home from the latest Duran Duran concert on the county fairgrounds.

For the rest, which is hilarious, go here.

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