Euryale (euryale000) wrote in metaquotes,

Maybe i'm just resonating to this kind of thing these days, but i thought this was good.


i wrote this a while back

alone and on your own, an exciting mix between fear and freedom the two Fs that can lead you to fulfill all your fantasies or fail, fall and fatigue. Why at such a young age is the rest of your life put on your shoulders, at a time when you should be gaining experience and wisdom you are asked to put on your game face and get with it. when you want nothing more then to relax and learn at your own pace the world is dropped on you. some manage and some dont but what are these times for. are we to try to resurrect the carefree days of high school were the punishment involved phone privileges or should we strap on our power ties and suits and enter into the world of the grey clad mindless 9 to 5 drones spending there lives trying to make it into the weekend. Me? personally i would like to find my own stance. i dont want to be categorized, placed in groups to be divided and lumped scrutinized and analyzed i do enough canalization for the both of us so remember love costs but sex is free we are the class of 2003 ride to the office on your long board where flops with your suit and most of all smile through the hard times cause if you dont who will

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