Rebness (rebness) wrote in metaquotes,

Of boasting and music

mothergoddamn, on the repetition of 50 Cent's videos on British music stations and those offence to 50 Cent fans intended.

In an attempt to catch New Order's new video "Jetstream" I attempted an hour of music channel The Box last night where it is rumoured to be in regular circulation. However, apparently at some point 50p has purchased the channel and made every hour the "Fiddy Hour". Either that or or his Mum will not stop ringing in and selecting the hole-ridden son of a knob's videos. As much as I love sitting back and letting such Wildean-like beauty as "I'll take you to the candy shop, I'll let you lick the lollipop" roll over me in its gentle, subtle waves I have better things to do - like put my head in the oven.

If anybody out there is sitting on bullet number ten-please commence.

Quoted from a locked post, with permission.
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