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Upon learning that Ewan McGregor, Viggo Mortensen and Jonathan Rhys Meyers all have movies premiering at Cannes, lilithilien replies to my post with the following, which resulted in me laughing tears.

Link to the whole thread in question. And this is just cut for length :) Nothing offensive should be behind the cut :P

Day 1: Colin Farrell announces that he will join Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Viggo Mortensen at the Cannes Festival. Quote: "We're just goin' for the craic, ya know, me an' the fellas."

Day 2: NASA detects strange electronic readings emanating from around the south of France....

Day 3: For some inexplicable reason, the energy from Cannes seems to be drawing women from around the world. When asked why they are making what appears to be a pilgrimage of global proportions, these women just leer and say, "Possibilities."

Day 4: Cillian Murphy announces that he will appear at Cannes for the opening of Breakfast in Pluto and and is looking forward to reprising his role as a transvestite with Colin Farrell and his friends...

Day 5: Lilith was found dead yesterday, her head exploded into tiny fragments and her hand still clutching the dailies from Cannes...
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