The Original Pervert Academic (margoeve) wrote in metaquotes,
The Original Pervert Academic

From my good friend schrathe

My first post here is a quote from a good friend of mine who happens to be Catholic and a wiseass:

I was quite pleased at the speedy choosing of a new Pope today. I know that Benedict was chosen to carry on certain policies the John Paul had pushed for and I think few in Rome expect his term as pope to be nearly as long as his predecessor. As I watched him step out onto the balcony to raise his hands and speak to the crowds only one thought came to my mind...."They've elected Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to the title of Pontiff. The jedi are doomed."

I figured that I was going straight to hell but there are apparently several websites to back me up on this. At least there will be a "Star Wars Nerd" section in Hades.

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