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The dangers of left-wing student politics!

kankurette wonders about the dangers of hanging round the Socialist Worker Students Society for too long. Incidentally, there's a good level of piss-ripping of the far left over at swp_watch.

QWP from a f-locked post.

kankurette: They want to make a Lara Croft film starring a friend of mine, and apparently they are going to hang her from a tree. You don't get that with the SWSS...now I'm picturing Little Rob, Laith and co hanging from a tree, shouting "STOP THE WAR", and smacking people with petitions, while the Jewish Society point and laugh and passers-by mutter "Bloody students."
smoke_rising: Ooh, politics, S+M, and cute lefty boys - you know me too well.
kankurette: Darling, I'll be the evil bourgeois oppressor, you can be the oppressed worker. Now bend over...

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