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Lifted From saturn_gumdrops

Yes, this is an IM post--but, since it appears in her journal here, I thought it would be okay. It's the last bit (and the entry subject line) that made me laugh the hardest...but, to get the last bit, you need some context (or... I think so, anyway).

**Edited for offensiveness--cut for language.

iceblinkIV: Did you see the picture of the new Pope guy?
iceblinkIV: Do they pick them old on purpose?
iceblinkIV: This guy looks like he's gonna croak tomorrow.
iceblinkIV: Then we're gonna have to go through all that retarded SMOKE shit all over again.

*large chunk removed to avoid gettin' under the skin o' too many people*

End comment from her: I'm so gonna go to hell for talkin' smack, aren't I. And when I do my punishment is gonna be flesh-eating popes that rip me apart repeatedly everyday.
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