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Oh, god, had to do it. I'll leave you all alone now. *dies*

Seriously, eimran, funniest. Person. Ever.

I don't know what's going to happen, if anything... but I have the distinct impression that the very thing that woke me, then shook my foundations this morning is what seems like the inevitable approach of The Four Drama Llamas of the LiveJournal Apocalypse. Angst, Misunderstanding, Bitchiness and Spite--all bleating ceaselessly in the muggy morning air. Thirsty for the sacrificial blood and tears of the average LJ user. Hungry for their shadiness and drama. With Frank the Goat as their GOD... the Drama Llamas await the Coming and the Judgment Day of all of Live Journal. They're busy, of course--as most users tend to keep separate clock times on the Coming and Judgment Day occur all over the world, virtually at any and every given moment.

From here with permission.

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