n/a (mercury_dragon) wrote in metaquotes,

attack_bunny said, on the subject of classmates:

</i>I was taken aback at the stating-the-obviousness of my classmates, though. Three times.
1) I was standing outside the pool, with my swimming kit.
Acquantaince: Are you going swimming, then?

2) Actually in the changing room, one girl said, "Oh, you guys are wearing your swimsuits?"
"Yeah, what the hell are you wearing?" quoth I. It's a pool. We're wearing swimsuits. I'm sorry, the lesbian skinnydipping orgy is on Wednesdays.

3) I go back up to my classroom, sopping wet and with my hiar dripping dowm my blazer.
"Oh, did you do swimming then?"
No, sweetpea, I just tipped a bucket of water over my head.</i>
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