I was thinking of a series of dreams... (greenhoodloxley) wrote in metaquotes,
I was thinking of a series of dreams...

novemberhour's 'If I were a DJ... (which is not the same as if 'I were a Rich man'.)

If I were a DJ...

...I would not be an asshat. If I were so nefarious as to have a morning show, actual music would get played. I might chat a little bit between sessions, but it would be concise, clear, and I would not laugh for hours at my own 'wit.' I would restrain myself from offering current events opinions on which I am uninformed. But I would have Weird News. Weird News is okay in the mornings. I'd say, Good morning, all you shiny happy people. In Topeka yesterday, a Great Dane kidnapped three babies. The children have been recovered safely, but now communicate in barks. Now here's some Led Zeppelin!*

...oh if I were not a barrister, an engine driver me!
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