I Dream of the Silk That Is Tangled Inside You (vaspider) wrote in metaquotes,
I Dream of the Silk That Is Tangled Inside You

And, once again, misia.

I'm cleaning my closet out.

How you can tell: the bedroom looks like something exploded in it, but the closet is starting to look pretty good. Also there are 2 smallish Tantus dildos I acquired, didn't like, and put into a box and shoved into the back of the closet thinking that eventually I would meet someone who would like them better than I, and those are now lying on the bed in the middle of a pile of about 30 balls of Bernat Baby Homespun that are still waiting to be turned into baby gifts for babies that are now, er, born. Rather decidedly born.

Dildoes look very at-home in a pile of pastel-coloured baby blanket yarn, for some reason.
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