Etoile (etoilepb) wrote in metaquotes,

enigel did some badly-needed spring cleaning recently...
I also found a piece of cake that defies carbon dating, and which presented me with a scientific dilemma. I approached the plastic bag that contained it with great care and a sense of dread, expecting a thriving colony of mould to hail me and request to be granted independence.

Well, I was wrong - not even the slightest trace of mould. It even still smelled very faintly of cake. I would have taken the bait and tasted it, for purely scientific purposes, but in a moment it became clear that I might have as well tried to taste a rock - I could have broken a window with that cake. And the dilemma - if the cake was untouched by living organisms, could it be that it wasn't life-friendly to begin with? Maybe I did myself a favour, forgetting it there for years months, until its true evil nature was revealed by time.

(Betting is now open on the number of "cake or death" icons this post will garner in reply.)
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